Is Chikara A Good Pheromone?

Does Chikara cologne work well to attract women closer to men? First off, the smell is that if a light musk scent and it has about 5 MGs of human pheromones in them. It actually works very well and women respond to Chikara pheromone very well. I notice increase eye contact, flirtation, and sex appeal from women when I wear it.

About Pheromones

It is one of the most remarkable pheromones out there today. I love to wear it when the opportunity arises that I do so. I actually love it when women give me the attention that I have always been looking for.

It just drives me crazy to think that my pheromone scent is creating a more relaxed and attractive level of appeal and increased intimacy later. It comes in a small bottle good enough to carry just about anywhere. No wonder it so many women love it on men. It has some great reviews online and it has been around for several years now. Learn more at

I have had great experiences with it myself due to the many dates that are always comfortable and trusting me. I love the look and feel of it, Although I never tell a woman what I am wearing on my skin. It is always good to keep the anticipation alive when wearing a pheromone cologne to seduce women around you. I actually find that the 5 mg pheromone content is enough and the scent of attraction lasts about several hours at most.

Chikara Pheromones Review

In the wake of increased pheromone business, Chikara has deemed it wise to come out with a product that has a more potent mixture of human pheromones. Their grand idea was using TWO types of synthesized human pheromones. They further tried to connect with the customers more by making application easier because of the drip bottle.

Chikara boasts of both Androstenone and Androsterone. These two types of pheromones combine to produce a stronger and longer effect on women. This, of course, leads to an easier way in finding love, companionship, and romance.

It’s a simple approach to helping other men in romance is one of the reasons why its products are so popular and easy to sell. Also, their guarantee of the contents is beyond questioning as they only utilize the best research and they thoroughly test their products before releasing it into the market.